As we get into the unofficial start of the outdoor grilling season, it might be a good idea to make sure you brush up on your food safety knowledge. Be sure to cook your foods to the proper temperature in order to avoid getting sick from any food borne illnesses. It would be wise to invest in a food thermometer and be sure to check the temperature of meats at the thickest part. Use this chart to ensure that you are cooking foods to their proper temperatures. Also, don’t leave your food out in the heat for too long. Perishable foods must be refrigerated at or below 40°F within two hours (only one hour if in weather over 90°F).

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Pancakes can be a real crowd pleaser with the family. Unfortunately, they can also be laden with sugar and refined flours. With flourless pancakes you don’t have to worry about the refined flour (because it doesn’t contain ANY flour!) and it is 100% gluten-free! Chances are, you might have most of the other ingredients already. 

The following recipe comes from our dietitian Stephanie Biggs and is sure to be a hit this summer with your family. Including fruit in your breakfast is a great way to energize your day. Pair these pancakes with some scrambled eggs or low-fat greek yogurt for a balanced meal. Enjoy!

Sweet Strawberry Flourless Pancakes

by Stephanie Biggs, RD, LDN, CLC


1 ripe banana
2 large eggs
½ cup of fresh chopped strawberries
½ tsp baking powder
Dash of cinnamon
Coconut milk (optional)


1. Mash banana in bowl.

2. Add eggs to banana mixture.

3. Add in chopped strawberries.

4. Add in cinnamon and baking powder. Mix well.

5. In a pan on medium heat, pour mixture to form pancakes. (I use coconut oil to cook them in)

6. Flip pancakes once until done.

7. Top with more fresh fruit, nuts, coconut milk or enjoy them just how they are!

There is so much information out there on nutrition. Let a Family Food Registered Dietitian be your guide!