Looking for a fresh summer treat? Skip the water ice and ice pops loaded with added sugars and try something simple at home. Have some fun with this recipe, get creative and have your kids get involved in the process. Have them pick out a fun new seasonal fruit to include or let them help wash the fruit.

Berries & Cream Popsicles

Makes 4 servings


1 Cup mixed berries (fresh or frozen)

1 Cup plain or vanilla yogurt

Pinch of white sugar to taste if using plain yogurt

4 Paper cups, popsicle sticks, or silicone popsicle molds

Place berries and yogurt in blender. Blend until berries are finely chopped or desired texture. Pour into cups, wrap with foil and insert popsicle stick or pour into popsicle mold. Freeze for about 5 hours. Enjoy!