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The Nutrition Experts

At Family Food, we rely on Registered Dietitians, the nutrition experts to provide you with the best nutrition counseling.

Nutrition Counseling From Registered Dietitians

Evidence based nutrition counseling at your home, work or virtually.

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  • The nutritionist was very helpful. She asked good questions and was very knowledgeable and sensitive. I feel encouraged that I can be successful in reaching my goals.

    Florence Bratcher
  • The counseling session was great! The nutritionist was really accessible and helpful. Nice but firm about suggestions. This really helped me understand more about my diet. Thanks!

  • The session was very informative and helpful. The representative was very knowledgable regarding nutrition and made some correlations with my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. She was also encouraging.

  • Stefanie was very helpful giving me Ideas on how to add proteins and Omega 3s to my diet. All the while not to derail my weight loss efforts.



The most reliable evidence-based nutrition information on child and adult nutrition.
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    Unsurprisingly, pumpkins reign in autumn, but there is a bounty of other produce at their best in these cooler months. Today’s post is all about offering the respect these colorful, delicious, and nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables deserve. Here are 8 of our favorites: Apples eaten with the skin are low-calorie, high-fiber fruits that promote digestive […]

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    As of today, it is officially Autumn. That truly only means one thing: It is officially OK to eat pumpkin! Time to enjoy your pumpkin spiced everything. We have discussed the power of pumpkin before and promoted it’s health benefits of fiber, vitamin A and potassium to name a few. But beware of foods that […]

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    Try going to the supermarket or seeing a food ad and not see the promotion of protein. It seems like protein has taken over! There is even protein water being marketed now! I think we might have hit peak protein. So what is the deal with protein anyway? Sure, protein is essential to our bodies. We […]

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