Let’s face it: no matter where you work, unhealthy treats lurk around every corner. Even worse, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, it’s as though everyone goes on a baking frenzy, and our places of employment become even more inundated with cake, cookies, and other delicious but not-so-healthy treats just bursting with holiday cheer. A bite or two every once in awhile won’t kill you, but treat yourself too often and you’ll be bursting too. To ensure that you’ll be able to button your dress pants come January 2nd (and the rest of the year, too) take note of the Salt Lake Tribune’s pointers for putting the breaks on when it comes to office indulgence.

1. Don’t Skip Meals – Skipping meals might seem like a smart way to save calories, but nothing makes you more likely to go for the goodies than a ravenous appetite. Before you get so hungry you’re willing to eat anything, have a healthy lunch or snack on hand. Once you’re satisfied, it will be much easier to resist unhealthier fare.

2. Just Say No – You might be worried about seeming rude if you don’t try John’s grandmother’s homemade sugar cookies, but only you can decide whether or not you’re going to stay on track with your healthy eating plan. Don’t feel pressured to eat if you don’t want to; a simple ‘no thank you’ or ‘I’m not hungry’ should suffice. Trust us, John’s grandmother will get over it.

3. Make Your Desk a Safe Zone – It’s pretty obvious that you’re much more likely to munch on something if it’s right in front of you. Instead of cookies or candy, keep a bowl of clementines in your office. Since they are a winter fruit, they are perfectly sweet during the holiday season, not to mention packed with Vitamin C and fiber.

4. Find Better Alternatives – Stock your drawer with a few healthy snack options so that when hunger strikes, you are armed and ready. Sugar-free gum, nuts, dried fruit, mini bags of microwave popcorn, dry whole grain cereal, and a jar of natural peanut butter are some good options. Be careful not to stock up too much, however, or you’ll end up snacking all day long!

5. Prepare for a Party – Holiday potlucks are a great way to socialize with co-workers, so opt to bring a nutritious dish like a vegetable tray with hummus or fruit with yogurt dip. Try to focus more on mingling than food, so you don’t end up by the buffet table all afternoon.

6. Have a Plan – Decide in advance how many treats you are going to allow yourself each week. On days when you decide to splurge, limit it to one cookie, a small piece of cake, or two or three pieces of candy. Then, adjust your eating for the rest of the day to allow for the extra calories and incorporate more nutritious items.

Holidays in the office are only a problem if you allow them to be. Decide for yourself what is going to work best for you, then follow through with it. That way, you can save your New Year’s resolution for something other than weight loss!

There are tons of reasources pertaining to healthy holiday eating available through the ADA website atwww.eatright.org, and be sure to check out our other healthy holiday posts as well!

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Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/lifestyle/52989729-80/challenge-weight-holiday-office.html.csp