We all know the drill. You drag yourself out of bed and stumble to the coffee pot just in time to get the kids up and ready for school. Next, you’re picking out outfits, tying shoes, signing permission slips, finding backpacks, and making lunches, just in time to see them out the door and on to the bus. But wait, what about breakfast? We all know that studies have proven how important eating breakfast is for both children and adults, but precisely what you choose to nosh for your morning meal is equally as important. The ADA brings us an article from www.recordonline.com detailing a few of the worst breakfast options as well as some better choices to keep the whole family on top of their game all morning long.

Some morning meals to avoid (or save for a weekend treat) include:

1. Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel -Although delicious, this breakfast is too high in fat and calories and will leave you feeling weighed down, sluggish, and less productive. Try making your own breakfast sammie: one scrambled egg and one slice of cheese on a whole wheat english muffin. Add a piece of fruit for some filling fiber, and you’re good to go.

2. Muffins and scones – I hate to break it to you, but these irresistable treats are desserts pretending to be breakfast. They’re oversized and loaded with fat and calories, clocking in at 600 to 800 calories each. If you must indulge, cut the baked good in half and eat it with a piece of fruit and a glass of lowfat milk for more nutrients and staying power.

3. Bagels with cream cheese or butter – Um, have you seen bagels lately? They’re HUGE! Most bagels clock in at 300-500 calories, depending on how (super) sized they are, and that’s without your spread of choice! Butter or cream cheese offer virtually no nutritional benefits. If a bagel craving hits, do your self a favor and top it with some natural peanut butter for some healthy fat and protein.

4. Sugary cereals – We’ve never met a cereal we didn’t like, and it’s the quick and easy breakfast of choice for many Americans. Unfortunately, even the ones marketed as healthy, such as granola, can contain 400 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 30 grams of sugar per half cup! To build a better bowl, choose lower-sugar options such as shredded wheat and cheerios – even the frosted and honey nut varieties are acceptable. For great taste and nutrition, Kashi offers a plethora of cereals that fit the bill. Combine it with lowfat milk and sliced bananas for a breakfast classic.

5. Doughnuts – If there’s one breakfast that will leave you starved and clawing at  the vending machine at 10 a.m., this is it. One just doesn’t fill you, probably due to the high sugar content and lack of any real nutrition. We’re big believers in moderation, but our best advice on this one? Skip the doughnuts altogether.

A healthy breakfast is one with 300 and 350 calories and 4 to 5 grams of fiber. Try to incorporate a source of protein, healthy fat, and whole grains. This trifecta will keep you fuller longer and ensure that you’re starting your morning with a balance of nutrients. So wake up, and eat up!

For more help building your perfect breakfast, visit the ADA website at www.eatright.org. Can’t get your kids to eat anything in the morning? Family Food specializes in picky eating, so click “Contact” on our homepage so we can help!

Source: www.recordonline.com "What’s for breakfast? Best – and worst – choices for meals to start the day"