With all this cold air blowing around it’s nice to stay warm and cozy in side. Homes can be warm and cozy all winter with furnace maintenance service in Portland. A great way to do this is by having soup! Soup is a dish that is not too hard to make yet has so many possibilities.  Starting with a flavored water based stock, or a cream are common ways to makes soup.  From there add the desired ingredients.  The best thing about a soup is that it can hold so many ingredients.  Most soups come with recipes, but many are very flexible.  If you have extra radish tops from your garden add them in, purée those frozen vegetables that you may not have a plan for, or throw in a can of beans for some plant-based protein and fiber!  Many soups are fairly inexpensive and are a great way to feed the family. If you’re craving for Asian food, then you can make hot pot with ingredients available at your local Asian grocery store.  Soups are also great for busy weekdays, just put it in the crock pot and have it cook all day. By the time evening rolls around your supper is already prepared. On snow days keep a pot of soup on for the kids as a warming meal after a long day of sledding and snow angels. Make sure to have heat pump maintenance dayton before winter to ensure your kids stay warm and cozy. Soup just might be the best winter meal of them all!