You just can’t “beet” this red root vegetable when it comes to versatility. The beetroot or just “beet” is currently in season and can be enjoyed several different ways such as roasting or kept raw and shredded into a salad. It is a great source of folate and manganese. Some research shows that the natural nitrates may help with athletic performance. It also may be protective against heart disease! What can’t this tuber do?! 

Well, one thing that it isn’t good at is being broken down by your body. A harmless phenomenon called beeturia is responsible for people to experience a reddish hue to their urine and stool. This is caused by the inability to break down a compound called betanin. Betanin is also responsible for the red hue found in beets. 
If you are choosing beets for your next meal, be sure to save those greens. These beet greens are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and antioxidants. Feel free to use them mixed with other greens in a salad or substitute for spinach and sautee in your favorite dish.
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