Sometimes decoding a food label while in a hurry at the grocery store can be quite the challenge. Fooducate helps to extract the important information from the label that will help you decide whether or not there is room for the product in your shopping cart (that is probably already overflowing!). Using the app is simple: First, scan the barcode on the product using your smart phone. There are tons of brands entered in the system, so chances are the product you are curious about will appear. Once the barcode is scanned, highlights of the food are listed, both good and not so good. Fooducate will give the food a letter grade to further clarify its spot on the health scale. There is an option to see a list of alternatives that received a higher letter grade so you can make smart swaps. You are also able to browse tons of food items which are separated into categories such as Breakfast, Salty Snacks, and Beverages for easy navigation. This app is serious about getting consumers healthy!

No app? No problem! Fooducate also has a great website, , where you can still browse the food items and even get daily tips for ultimate wellness. Technology is a beautiful thing. Fooducate is by your side no matter if you are on the go or at home surfing the net, helping you to stay healthy by making better food choices every day!