March is National Nutrition Month! .This years theme is “Eat Right Bite by Bite”. This means that we should be trying to eat healthier in small steps. Making improvements and changes to your nutrition and lifestyle in small bites can really add up over time.

Think about making small changes to your eating pattern and lifestyle. Where can you sneak in that extra piece of fruit or vegetable? Could you park further away from your building or take a quick 10 minute walk during a break?

Even consider being more mindful and actually taste and enjoy your food with each bite. Try turning off your computer screen when eating lunch at work, put your phone in your pocket and better yet, leave your desk or office and go somewhere to enjoy your lunch without any distractions. Check out our blog post on mindful eating

Registered Dietitian Day is March 11th. Have you scheduled your nutrition counseling session lately? This can be a great time to consider setting some small goals with your Family Food dietitian.

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