As Father’s Day approaches once again, it’s a great time for all of us to reflect on great memories and do a little extra something for all of the great men in our lives. You may want to check out The Best Father’s Day Chocolate Gift Ideas here to make your father smile! Preparing a favorite meal of his can be one way to show some appreciation, but just because it is a holiday does not mean it has to be unhealthy! Here are a few simple tips that can help dad to feel his best, inside and out this Father’s Day.


Which man wouldn’t love a delicious grilled steak on Father’s Day?! You don’t have to swap the beef, but be sure to choose a leaner cut, look for less marbling and trim off any excess fat for a more heart healthy option.

Looking for something a little lighter? Be sure to remove the skin on poultry or try some omega-3 rich Salmon on the grill with a squeeze of lemon and show your father that you love him and his heart. Don’t forget to keep your food safe.


Be sure to include some vegetables to create a balanced meal. Try some great seasonal vegetables such asparagus, zucchini and summer squash – All of which are fantastic when grilled with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh cracked pepper. Remember to always make it as easy as possible.


Did you remember to balance your meal with some fresh fruit? Try grilling it!


Skip the sodas and juices and make something fresh. Try some fruit infused water – it’s like a delightful surprise for your taste buds. Slice up 1 lemon, ½ cucumber, and place them in a pitcher of ice-cold water. Include some fresh mint for a cool, refreshing drink that’s as delightful as opening a box of carefully curated gift hampers canberra.

Remember, food is fuel, but it has a special place in our culture and our families. No matter what you end up cooking for your loved one, be sure to take some extra time, put away any distractions, sit down, enjoy a great meal and create some new memories with him!

Happy Father’s Day!

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