By Carlie Saint-Laurent Beaucejour, RD,LDN

Are you scared to eat a banana because all the noise about it being “high in sugar”? Your Nutrition expert is telling you to not fear and go bananas. First off, bananas have zero added sugar, unlike the honey or table sugar you would find in baked goods or soda, it is made up of natural sugar. Specifically, bananas contains resistant starch meaning it passes through the small intestine unchanged and breaks down in the large intestine, which promotes good gut health, controls blood sugars, increase satiety, and decrease constipation. However as a banana ripens the amount of resistant starch, decreases.  

 Generally speaking it is recommended to keep the grams of carbohydrates between 15-30 grams for snacks (consult with your nutrition professional), and bananas meet those guidelines. So it makes a sweet, satisfying, and nutritious snack. Checkout the simple Banana and Peanut Butter wrap recipe below for a quick on-the-go meal. 

Bananas are a great source of the vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, which is essential in protein metabolism, cognitive development, and hemoglobin formation. If you are still not convinced, bananas are also a good source of, potassium, vitamin c, and fiber. The table below compares the nutrition content between the different size bananas. 

Nutrition Small BananaMedium BananaLarge Banana
Total Fat0.3 g0.4 g0.4 g
Potassium362 mg422 mg487 mg
Total Carbs23 g27 g31 g
Dietary Fiber2.6 g3.1 g3.5
Protein 1.11.3 g 1.5
Vitamin C14%17%19%
Vitamin B-620%20%25%

Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap


1 whole wheat tortilla (6″)

1 medium banana

1 tbsp  of Peanut Butter 


Spread peanut butter evenly over tortilla.


Place a banana in center of each tortilla. Fold in opposite sides; roll up burrito-style. Cut in half to serve.

*This recipe provides: 280 calories, 41 grams of carbohydrates

So how will you respond the next time you hear Bananas are too high in sugar?


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