All foods contain Calories, but candy and sweets can add up quickly in small amounts. Don’t get us wrong, as healthy as it would be, we don’t foresee everyone exclusively sticking to fruits and vegetables on Halloween, but keep these numbers in mind as you indulge on your favorite candies. To put things in perspective, 1 full cup of raw broccoli contains only 30 Calories and 1 Cup of sliced apple is less than 60 Calories.

Our advise is to make a plan: pick a number of your favorites that you want to enjoy and stick to that number for the night. Keep in mind that it only takes the human brain around 3 tastes of something to be satisfied, so choose the smallest size when possible, but take time to savor and enjoy it!

Here is the Caloric content of some popular Halloween candy the amount of exercise it would take to compensate for the extra Calories.

  • A snack size Reese’s Cup (1 piece) contains 90 Calories and would require 10 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A fun size Snickers bar (1 piece) contains 80 Calories and would require 9 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A regular size Twizzlers Strawberry Twist Candy (1 piece) contains 40 Calories and would require 5 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A fun size 3 Musketeers bar (1 piece) contains 63 Calories and requires 7 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • One single piece of a Starbust fruit chew contains 20 Calories and would only require 2 minutes of some jogging to burn off.
  • A fun size pack of Skittles candy contains about 60 Calories and would require around 6 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A fun size Twix bar contains 125 not so fun sized Calories, which requires 14 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A single small piece of Jolly Rancher candy contains around 25 Calories and would take about 3 minutes of jogging to burn off.
  • A small handful of candy corn (about 20 pieces) contains around 150 Calories, in which you would need to carve out 17 minutes for a jog to burn it off.

*Calorie and exercise information from Based on a 35 year old female who is 5’7" and weighs 144 lbs.

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