These 7 simple tips can be done with little effort, and boy are we thankful for that!

1.     Eat breakfast: Skipping meals in order to save calories will only help you overindulge at the main meal! Eating breakfast will help you control your appetite later on. Choose foods with fiber and whole grains to keep you fuller for longer.

2.     Petite portions: it is inevitable to enjoy a second helping at Thanksgiving. Totally understandable! Keep portions small to lessen the caloric load when you go back for more!

3.     Skip the skin: only one ounce of skin contains 80 calories and 2 grams of fat!

4.     Avoid foods you do not like: do not eat the food just because it is there! Choose your favorites and leave the rest behind.

5.     Be assertive: Many times people will only “eat some if you eat some”, but stand your ground! Do not accept food that you do not wish to consume.

6.     Help out the host: keep yourself distracted from the table by ensuring other guests have everything they need.

7.     Focus on family and friends: realize that one day of eating will not ruin your diet. Remember, it takes an additional 3500 calories without any physical activity to gain one pound of body weight. Relax and have fun!